3 New Trends in Residential Construction for 2021

Trends in residential construction come and go but three that are logical and practical in 2021 are the Open Concept, Quiet Space, and Outdoor Living. These ideas have naturally arisen from the life situations many of us are experiencing. That is, home office working and cramped households. More than ever there is a need for openness, quietness, and reflection. 

In this article we take a brief look at the three trends likely to make a big impact this year. If you’re thinking about a home renovation project then consider the clear advantages of open plan living, quiet retreat corners, and expanding your living space beyond your property walls. With so much time on your hands this year, and so much potential, it makes sense to use the time wisely. 

Open Concept

There has been a shift in style tastes in recent years. The idea of a traditional labyrinth-like home with many rooms and intersections has made way for a more spacious floor plan idea that looks to create a sense of openness instead. This is the essence of the Open Concept that’s now trending. 

The open concept looks to use the space of a home to good effect, as a result it is in favor of removing walls and between rooms, in particular the walls between kitchen, living, and dining rooms. It doesn’t apply to bedrooms. The open concept keeps flexibility and function in mind instead of ornamental style.

Many new residential properties are now built in-line with the open concept trend, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from this amazing style if you have a more traditional home. Removing walls and changing floor plans might seem like a massive renovation project but it’s actually quite common and can add value to your property. 

Quiet Spaces

Another trend that is set to make an impact in 2021 is the need for Quiet Space in a residential property. Quiet spaces are locations in the house and garden that serve as a refuge from the business of everyday life. Part of the need for this innovation is the increasing number of people staying at home and the lack of personal space. 

The quiet revolution is taking place in residential properties around the world as the pandemic insists on sticking around. In 2020 there was a desperate need for home offices and many have been speedily built and modified. Now there is a need for more personal space in the home such as an attic or cupboard that’s been converted. 

Converting a cupboard into a quiet reflective space might not seem appealing at first, but with the right concept and interior decoration you can create a space you won’t want to leave. Retire to your quiet space on your breaks from work or in the evening and pick up a relaxing activity there such as reading or meditating. 

Outdoor Living

Residential properties are being creatively renovated in 2021 to create more space and comfort during the global pandemic. That means using every bit of space in the home and taking full advantage of what you have on the outside. If you have an outdoor area at the front or back it makes a prime location for an outdoor living space. 

An outdoor living space usually takes the form of a living room area or dining area that’s permanently set up outdoors. The level and complexity of this project will depend on the climate you have and your aspirations, but usually, in temperate zones, most ideas are possible. Roofs and walls can even be installed to protect the area and make it more comfortable. 

An outdoor living space is ideal in 2021 with social distancing rules still in place. If you’re only allowed to meet certain people outdoors it means you can still have people over to your property and enjoy an evening together without breaking any of the rules. It also gives you some extra personal space when your whole family is living on top of each other. 


The pandemic has dramatically altered the way we live and think about our lives. We no longer have to think about commuting to the office or parking the car. What we have to consider now is space in the home and how to live harmoniously with each other for long periods without much personal space. 

It’s not surprising then that many people are thinking about home renovations to create living conditions more suitable to the new way of life. It’s a worthwhile investment in 2021 because even when the pandemic is over there will be significant long term changes carried over. It’s a certainty that working from home is here to stay. 

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