Is Summer Construction The Way to Go?

When most people hear summer, they think of it as the perfect time to relax, play in the sun and hang out at the beach. Summer is the warm season of the year that comes between spring and autumn. Resultantly, a lot of entertainment industries take advantage of this period and benefit from it.

During the summertime, you need to be aware of some interesting facts:

  • Most people love to go on vacations during this time
  • During this season, plants grow faster
  • The days are longer than the nights

Carrying out construction during this warm season may come with a lot of pros and cons. Some of these pros and cons are detailed below.


Longer Days Than Night

During the summer, there are more hours of daylight than in the nighttime. There is more time for your employees to work; therefore, you may complete your projects sooner than expected. Also, by working at a faster rate, you will finish your work quicker.

You Save Up on Heating Costs

The temperatures during the summer are much warmer. The sun shines for more hours compared to the winter season. Therefore, you don’t need to spend money on heating equipment. The warm weather dries up concrete much faster, saving you time.

There Is No Ground Freezing

During the summer, the plants grow quicker.  This is a sign that the ground is fit for work. Traces of frozen lands are less because thawing takes place in the previous seasons.


Employees May Not Be Available

As many may know, the summer season is the best time to go out for a holiday. More people prefer to take time off work. Your employees may be among these people, leaving you with less to work with.

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Higher Rates

More businesses grow during this season. The children are out of school enjoying their summer break. At this time, the economy may rise, and products and services may be more expensive. You may have to operate on a very limiting budget resulting in a slower work rate.

Is the summer season a good time to carry out construction work? If you are a facility leader curious about carrying out construction at this period, keep reading to see how you can succeed.

Have a Plan

As you begin construction, you need to remember that all the other activities around you are still going on. For example, motorists will still want to use the same road to move from one point to another.

Interfering with the standard system of running things will bring up disagreements, and in the long run, you may need to shut down your work. Having an outline helps to foresee these challenges giving you an advantage when facing them.

Prepare for the Worst

It would be best to prepare for challenges beforehand, or else your summer construction may need to wait until the end of the season. Despite having a master plan in mind, you are still likely to face some significant risks.

Your contractor may fail to meet deadlines, or your budget may get cut. It would help if you were open to making any adjustments to sustain your construction works. 

You can write down the months of the summer and plan out preventive measures. Therefore, when things go down south, this will equip you earlier to handle the challenges.

Look Into Funding

Like any other project or business, a source of capital is very vital. During the summertime, more people are likely to take a break from work. Therefore, your operations may pause for a while.

This does not have to be the case at all. You can look for alternative ways to acquire money.  For example, obtaining a loan from the bank or asking friends to finance your construction work may keep it moving.

Hire More Employees

A high number of employees is a guarantee of a faster rate of work. Go over the safety precautions your employees need to follow at all times. Give them the proper guidelines on handling equipment to ensure they are working in a safe environment.

Purchase More Equipment

Alongside training new employees, ensure your machinery and equipment is up to date. Regularly checking your inventory and supplies will inform you on what needs restocking.

More equipment will make your work easier, and in no time, you will complete the construction. Even though the pace of work is higher, ensure you are doing your job well to avoid any accidents in the future.

Invest in Team Morale

The success of any business depends on the team behind its operations. Your employees are the backbone of the construction work. Having a weak backbone will hinder your chances of success.

How do you ensure your team morale is high? By participating in team-building activities, your employees learn the importance of working together. You should appreciate the efforts of your employees and inform them that you love their work.

When an employee fails to carry out a procedure correctly, you should civilly correct them. Instead of doing something that insults their self-esteem, you should correct them. At other times, dismissal may be the only option.

Be Mindful of Your Employees’ Workspace

Even though summertime is a great time to start construction, the heat may have a toll on your employees’ health. The machines may be faulty after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Ensure your work environment is conducive. Your employees need to stay hydrated. Build several accessible water points in the construction area. Also, give your employees some time for a break, or you can organize work shifts. 

You may want to complete the construction work as soon as possible, but you should not overwork your employees. Start by giving them light work and gradually increase it. Take advantage of the cooler temperature in the morning hours and the evening.

Bottom line

The summer season is the most common time to carry out construction works. It would be best if you took advantage of the warm weather to get your job done. It is essential to observe all the aspects that will affect your construction work beforehand.

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