Top 5 Kitchen Trends you need in your Kitchen


Kitchen trends, like fashion trends, come and go. Kitchens are not just a place to cook meals, but also a room in which families gather together. Here are 5 of my favorite kitchen trends that can be incorporated into any kitchen design.

Brick walls

Brick walls are a great way to add warmth, texture and character to your kitchen. They can also help create an air of sophistication that will impress your guests. There are several different ways you can create a brick wall look in your kitchen. One of the easiest ways is by painting existing walls with bricks on them but another option is making faux brick wall panels from scratch using concrete or plasterboard. You don’t need to be an expert builder either as these methods are very easy for anyone who has basic DIY skills and tools.

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Brass and Gold Faucets and Fixtures

Brass and gold fixtures are a great way to add an element of luxury and sophistication to your kitchen. Brass faucets are durable, easy-to-maintain, and available in a variety of styles that will match any design style. Gold faucets also come in many different styles but they’re best suited for kitchens with dark wood cabinets or marble countertops.

Brass is often used as an accent color because it looks good with other colors like black or white but you can also use brass accents throughout your kitchen if you want to bring out the warm tones of this metal. A good example would be using a brass cabinet handle instead of chrome for one or two drawers on your island or peninsula bar height table (or breakfast bar).

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Multi-purpose Islands

When you’re designing your kitchen, it can be tempting to think of islands as just a work space. But they’re so much more than that! Islands are the perfect way to multi-task in your kitchen, and that’s why I’ve included them on this list.

If you have kids who are old enough to do some prep work with you, consider an island where everyone can sit down together around a couple of stools. This is great for when you’re making dinner or preparing snacks together—you can easily keep an eye on them while they cut up veggies and make hummus dip at the same time!

Islands also provide extra seating when hosting guests over for dinner parties or family gatherings. Instead of having guests crowd around the dining table all night long (and knocking into each other), provide more space with an island where everyone has their own spot and room to spread out their napkins and silverware without worrying about spilling anything off their plates onto someone else’s lap in front of them! If there’s enough countertop space surrounding an island built into its design, consider adding drawers underneath so guests don’t have to stand up if they need something from inside those cabinets—like napkins! The drawers will offer storage space for these items as well as cups/glasses/bottles if needed during meals.

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Marble countertops

Marble is a natural stone that is easy to clean and durable, making it a great choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also an attractive material that can be used in many different styles of kitchen, from sleek modern to rustic country.

The first step in getting marble countertops installed in your kitchen is choosing the type of marble you want. While there are lots of different marbles available (and even more colors within those types), here are some popular choices:

  • White Carrara – This highly-prized white marble comes from Italy and has been used by artists for centuries due to its soft coloration and veining patterns.
  • Black Aurora – This rare black granite comes from Brazil and has become increasingly popular recently due to its distinctive appearance as well as its heating properties (which make it unlikely to crack under extreme temperature changes).
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Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are a great way to add color to your kitchen, create a backsplash or flooring, and add some style. The patterns available are as varied as the designers who create them—you may choose from geometric patterns such as chevron and hexagons, or more organic designs like cowhide or lace.

When choosing tile for your kitchen backsplash, consider what kind of look you want to achieve in this space. You can opt for bold colors if you want an eye-catching focal point, or use neutral tones with smaller patterns if you want something more subtle and calming.

In the kitchen, floor tiles are another easy way to add some color and personality. If you’re looking for a way to liven up your space, consider installing colored tile in your kitchen floor. Colored floor tiles come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They can be used to create an interesting pattern or just add color to the floor of your kitchen.

Trends we see in kitchens that use colored floor tiles:

1. White cabinets with dark floors

2. Light-colored cabinets with lights floors

3. Dark-colored cabinets with light floors


When it comes to your kitchen, you need to make sure that you are staying on top of the latest trends. This means having a functional layout for all of your cooking needs, as well as some fun extras like patterned tiles or brass fixtures. By incorporating these five trends into your space, you can ensure that it is both beautiful and functional.

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