DIY Home repairs you should never try

A latest fad which has come is DIY i.e. do it yourself. People are trying to do everything themselves. Be it a simple hack or a difficult job like home decoration and renovation, everybody is trying to do everything himself. The reason behind this is the popular renovation and repairs shows on television, videos posted on the Youtube and other social media depicting how one can do all repair and renovation jobs and people easily get swayed by DIY craze. In order to save costs, and to satisfy their inner design diva urge a home owner not so qualified also pick up hammer and tools and indulge in repair and renovation jobs.

While some home improvement and renovation projects can be done by amateurs but jobs evolving technical knowhow and experience if done by individual can be a costly affair.Even if ones motto is DIY with a view to reduce cost but jobs are better left to the professionals. Here are areas of home improvement which one should not try himself but leave to the professional to do.

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Electrification Work:Number one in the list of non DIY job for home owner is the electrical work. It is dangerous to attempt the repair of electrical fittings or do wiring and installation of other electrical fittings during the renovation time. Any wrong connection can lead to short circuit and thereby causing a major fire in the building. One can handle basic electrical jobs, but major one should be left to the professionals. Electricians spend many years on training in the institutes and in the field also, and that is why the electrician fee is more.

Basement repairs and renovations: Generally home owner consider the repairs and renovations of basement of their house as a simple job as it does not involve any change in the structural framework of house and moreover any wrong doing on their part is not visible to others. For this reason they attempt to take basement repair and renovation job as DIY project. But as per experts view never attempt basement jobs as DIY project. Attempts to dig basement to increase the area can sometimes leads toaccidents and in many cases home owner lost their lives in it. Moreover it is costly to amend the wrong done in DIY jobs and can cause structural failures in future.

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Plumbing and sanitation fitting jobs: The next on the list of non DIY job on homeowners list is the repair of plumbing and sanitation fittings in the home. One can attempt opening of chocked plumbing lines or replace worn out faucet washer but for other major jobs which falls in category of repair and renovation category, one has to call a certified plumber to do it just like the electrician job. Self repairing can sometimes damage pipes and cause major leakages, breakage of bathroom sanitaryfittings. As you know how costly are fitting these days and changing cost is enormous. The very purpose of doing this work under DIY is to save cost and it gets defeated if the cost increases.

Structural repairs and renovation: Never attempt the structural repairs in DIY scheme. As the structure is the base on which the whole house stands, and any damage to it while repairing or renovation without knowledge can lead to collapse of the house itself. For structural job, better leave it to the structural engineer who is expert in this field and has lot of technical knowledge and experience in field. Moreover structural job involves use of large number of tools and instruments and one alone is not capable to handle the same alone.

Gas pipeline and fittings repair: Next on the list of non DIY jobs is repair of gas pipeline and installation of gas appliances such as gas furnaces, water heaters, ovens, dryers and other gas fittings. As any wrong or faulty setting can cause leakage and can lead to fire and a serious fatal accident can also take place.Moreover leakage can also increase the presence of carbon monoxide in the house and can cause serious health problems also. Any work involving repair live gasappliances should never to undertaken DIY repairs.

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More over jobs involving dealing with wood like fine finish carpentry is not everybody’s job. It involves handling lot of tools which have very sharp edges, saws, blades and drills which one cannot handle unless one has mastered the job of handling such instruments. It is best to leave home repairs jobs to the professionals than attempting to do it yourself under as DIY job. This not only saves costs but also saves time as such it is better to leave it at the hands of professionals to do it.

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